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After a degree in History (University of Siena, Italy) and a MA in Communication and Information Sciences (Tilburg University, The Netherlands), I have been practicing my craft working in data journalism DATA JOURNALISM
I have been lead data journalism at the (now acquired and ceased) startup Silk between 2014 - 2016 and am now freelancing. I am comfortable working on all the phases of crafting a data story by myself, from data collection to dataviz, although I ♥ much more to work in a team.
I am available for freelance gigs in this field.
and data literacy trainings DATA LITERACY
I work as a trainer in data skills such as: data scraping, data verification, data cleaning, data analysis for storytellers, data visualization, where to find data, introduction to data. I teach University classes, in-person workshops and online MOOCs.

Recent clients include Bologna Business School at the University of Bologna - where I've thought the Data Storytelling module in 2018 and 2019 - and Dataninja School - where I have a part-time position as tutor and (MOOC) course creator.
since 2014: first as a freelancer, then as lead data journalist at the Amsterdam-based startup Silk until 2016, then again as a freelancer.

I am now a freelancer offering consultancy and teaching in the field of data communication, visualization and processing.
From 2018 I am project leader at Batjo, a Google DNI-funded project promoting the use of data physicalization DATA PHYSICALIZATION
I am project leader at Batjo, a Google DNI-funded project. Batjo helps journalists learn digital fabrication skills to create physical data driven news installations for their audiences.
In 2018, we have designed and developed 3 data physicalizations and have launched a cookbook for all those wishing to learn to replicate them. We offer consultancy and services related to data physicalization and digital fabrication.
among journalists.

I love to work with activists & no-profits DATA ACTIVISM
I collaborate with local activists by offering research, tech and data support.
I'm involved in OCIO, a Venice-based civic lab monitoring data and elaborating policy proposals on the topics of housing affordability and residents' right to the city.
I also collaborate with Inside Airbnb to study the situation of Airbnb and advocate regulation through data analysis and data viz.
. And to solve problems with Python.

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